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What's the Best Lube for Me?

By :Ally Gago 0 comments
What's the Best Lube for Me?

Lube is an often forgotten, but very important part of pleasure! A question we get often at The O Shop is: how do I choose a lube?

The first type of lube and the most popular is water-based. This kind of lube is compatible with all toy and condom materials, making it a great option for basically any kind of sex. Unfortunately, water-based lube does tend to dry out quickly and will need to be reapplied in order to prevent friction and rubbing.

Hybrid lube gets its name due to its dual water-silicone composition. This lube really is the best of both worlds and combines the longevity of silicone-based lube with the versatility of water-based lube. Hybrid lube is compatible with all toy and condom materials. It will not dry out as quickly as water-based lube, making it a great choice for longer sex acts.

Silicone lube lasts a long time and does not need reapplication, making it a great choice for anal play. It is important to note that silicone lube cannot be used with silicone toys, as the silicone will interact with the silicone in the toy, causing damage to the toy in the long run.

Oil-based lube, although less popular, is still an option available to choose from. Oil-based lube lasts a very long time and is great if you don’t want to reapply lube. Unfortunately, it can stain fabrics and is not compatible with latex condoms. The oil in the lube will degrade the latex material, leading to an increased chance of condom failure.

The O Shop also offers a selection of flavored lubes, great for oral sex. Do be sure to check the sugar content of the lube, as only sugar-free flavored lubes can be used directly on the vulva or penis. Sugar in the lube can lead to yeast infections. If your flavored lube has sugar in it, make sure to use a dental dam or condom to prevent infection. If it is sugar-free, you can use the lube as you would any other water-based lube. We only carry sugar-free flavored lube at The O Shop.

Visit the boutique today. Tester lubes are available for you to explore different textures and flavors. Ally, our in-house sexual health educator, is happy to answer any questions!

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