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Does My Bra Fit Correctly?

By :Ally Gago 0 comments
Does My Bra Fit Correctly?

When selecting a new bra (or inspecting your current), there are a few things to look out for to determine if you have a proper fit. At The O Shop, we often see women wearing a too-large band size and a too-small cup size. This is often because traditional department stores do not carry a wide enough range of sizes, causing women to wear a size that doesn't quite fit them. We have created this guide to help you determine whether or not your fit is correct!

The Band

1) The band on the bra should be snug - enough to comfortably fit a clenched fist underneath the band. If you can pull the band very far from your body or if the bra lifts away from your body when you raise your arms, your band size is too big. If the band is digging in to your ribcage and leaving more marks than any other snug item of clothing, it is too small. 

2) The band should lay parallel to the floor all the way around your body - it should not be riding up your back. 90% of bra support comes from the band, so you want it to be snug enough to provide that support. If it's riding up your back, it cannot do its job!

The Cups

1) In order to ensure a proper cup fit, all of the breast tissue should be sitting within the cup - it should not be escaping out the top of the cup (giving a "double-boob" look) or out the sides of the cup. The underwire should never be sitting on top of breast tissue. Any bulging out of the cup indicates that the cup is too small.

2) The fabric of the cup should not be wrinkled, puckering, or gaping when wearing the bra. This indicates that the cup is too large, or that the style is simply not the right one for you. Try a different style, and if you are still having the same issues, try a smaller cup size. 

3) The gore (the centerpiece of the bra) should be sitting flat against the sternum, not sitting on top of breast tissue. Some styles have higher gores than others, so you may find that you have a preference for gore style. 

The Straps

1) Since the band is doing the majority of the work, the straps should not have to be too tight to offer that extra 10% of support. You should be able to fit two fingers underneath the straps.

2) If you notice the straps riding down, even when correctly tightened, a style with closer-set straps might be best for you. If you have a fuller bust and the straps are digging into your shoulders, even when correctly tightened, a style with thicker straps will help relieve discomfort. 

General Tips

1) When trying on a new bra (or when putting on your current bra), be sure to scoop all of the breast tissue into the cups of the bra. This way, you can ensure that all of the breast tissue is sitting within the underwire, not underneath it.

2) You may not be the same bra size in all brands and styles - they all run a little different, and certain styles may fit you better than others.

3) A new bra might feel snug at first, but it will feel less snug with a few wears. 

4) A properly fitting bra will give your breast tissue lift and support, giving you a higher bustline and more of an hourglass-style figure. We recommend trying on your new bra under a t-shirt so you can see the difference!

Schedule a Bra Fitting

The best way to identify a well fitting bra is to seek expert consultation. The O Shop provides complimentary fittings and consultation to help you identify a bra that makes you feel wonderful. Walk-in fittings are available, however, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment if your time is limited. To book an appointment for a bra fitting, please call the boutique at (508) 762-9060, or send us a message. 

The O Shop is located in the Tatnuck-area of Worcester, MA at 10 Richmond Ave. Parking is available behind the store. We pride ourselves in being the premier lingerie and intimates boutique in Central Mass. 

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