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The Golden Scissors

By :Stephanie Ramey 0 comments
The Golden Scissors

Our team keeps a pair of golden scissors behind the counter. It’s probably a safe guess that one out of every four women who come into the boutique, refuse to put their old bra back on. We laugh about it with our customers, grab the scissors, and cut off the tags.

It’s tough to explain the joy we experience from fitting, but witnessing the surprise when a bra properly fits, accompanied by the instant boost of confidence is awesome. The truth is that most women are not purchasing properly fitting bras. We’ve been taught to live in the world of A through D and we overcompensate with large band sizes. In turn, we suffer the consequence of wires digging into breast tissue, spillage, poor support, back pain, rolling, gapping, and the desire to rip the damn thing off the second we walk in the door.

I’ve been told that once upon a time, a bra fitting was a ‘right of passage.’ I never had one growing up. Honestly, I never had a fitting until I decided to explore starting a business in the lingerie industry. In fact, my first proper fitting was at a charming boutique called La Péche in Vermont. The owners, Julie and Katherine kindly allowed me to spend some time with them when I was contemplating opening The O Shop. As the story goes, my size was way off and I was hooked the second I discovered items that fit correctly. I was also amazed at how comfortable Julie made me feel.

Since then, I have been fortunate to find experienced, kind, and talented fitters who have not only trained me, but now run The O Shop. Our staff loves connecting with our guests. Sometimes on weekend mornings, I walk into a boutique of women sharing stories and laughing. More often than not, they were total strangers before visiting. I imagine this is what a barbershop feels like.

Booking a bra fitting can be overwhelming. But we promise to try our best to make you feel comfortable. Our goal is always to find something that makes you feel good about yourself. That’s the ultimate gift and why The O Shop continues to grow.

Although we accommodate walk-ins when available, due to demand, we highly recommend scheduling an appointment. This provides you with the one-on-one attention you deserve. Please plan on a minimum of 45 minutes for your bra fitting. For those seeking a private experience, we accommodate two fitting appointments on Tuesdays when the boutique is closed to the public. These appointments require a $25 deposit that will be credited back upon making a purchase. Book an appointment today - click here. 

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